GoodFairy conjures up a powerful web solution that can make your web wishes come true

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First wish: Web Presentation

With GoodFairy we can achieve a well designed web page that reflects your company's approach and presents your products and services in a clear and compelling way. Even with such a powerful and advanced system the content management is surprisingly simple.


Easily edit your content by yourself

Since using GoodFairy is so simple, using her platform will quickly be like second nature to you. That means you will be able to implement any changes you will want in the content of your page without any outside help.

Use "Drag&Drop" to manage the content structure

GoodFairy offers a transparent and simple way of reordering the content structure of your page (from subpages to the order of images in galleries) using the drag&drop method.

Web page design

The appearance of a web page can often say more about the site than its content. That's why we treat every customer uniquely and make sure the page soundly and accurately represents its company.

Data Security

By choosing our solution you protect yourself from data loss – the content of your web page will be backed up daily.

Automatic image processing

Adding new pictures to your website will be quite worry-free: GoodFairy will take care of creating the right picture sizes and add the already defined effects to the pictures (i.e. rounded corners, shadows, black&white picture versions,...).


Thanks to GoodFairy's scalability and flexibility, your webpage will grow with your needs so when new requirements arise you won't have to redesign or even discard your current page.


High search engine ranking

GoodFairy allows a complete access to search engines to the webpage's content – including site-map support, title and content editing for every page, descriptive URL links,... All of these methods provide a good ground for improving the page's placement on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


A good support is a proactive support. We will make sure your page runs smoothly so you can focus on your business. If any technical problems arise we always available and will gladly help you.


Second wish: Communicate with your clients

The right public relations approach can affect both acquiring new customers and maintaining a good relationship with your current ones. With the help of GoodFairy, we can adjust these communication methods to fit your business strategies.


Contact forms and newsletter sign-up

Simplify your future customers' first inquiry with a contact form or maintain a constant connection to your clients with the help of a newsletter.

Newsletter editing and sending

Our newsletter solutions enable you to compose and send an appealing and informative set of news, using only your web page. This is a great way to keep your clients up to date on any news concerning your products and services.

Facebook interaction

Product advertising and increasing the visibility of your company is made easier by our Facebook integration applications (»Like« button, comments on your pages,...).


Third wish: E-business

Your clients can learn all about your products from your webpage and to complete their purchase without even visiting your shop.


Product Catalog

Present your products as detailed as you'd like (using tables of technical features, galleries, videos, articles, FAQs,...) and still maintain a well organized and aesthetically pleasing catalogue.


Enable your clients to buy your products Online using a Shopping Cart and an option of sending you their Invoice.

Knowledge Base and Intranet

Our solution ensures an efficient information management and encourages collaboration among workers. It can hold many different types of data (projects, documents, people, companies, knowledge,...) that can be linked with each other.

Custom designed web applications

GoodFairy is an adaptable and powerful platform that helps us develop applications you haven't found among our products. Communicate your wishes to us and we'll find the right solution together!



Web Spark: Design your web page by yourself!

Thanks to your new product you can set, design and insert content on your new web page completely by yourself. This task will be even easier with Web Sparks' graphical interface that allows adding and sorting the contents and page's elements by drag&drop. You can create your web page without any web development or web design knowledge (HTML and CSS coding).

With a powerful and easy to use content management system as its foundation, content adding and editing after your web page is finished will be just as easy.

Web Spark is coming soon, but in the meanwhile you are invited to browse the different web pages you can build using this tool!


You can also give us a call. We will be happy to answer any of your questions.

(031) 380 466

Your questions via email will be answered by:

Matjaž Trontelj
Alenka Bajec Strle

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Step 1

Free consulting

You won't have to study the technical details of your web page. We can set up a meeting and find the right solution for you together.

Step 2

Website design

We consider every customer's web page as unique, so we can prepare an attractive and transparent web page that presents your company well.

Step 3


Your web page will be built on the foundation of a powerful content management system that allows for future expansions of the page.

Step 4

Simple content adding

Focus on your webpage's content and your business while we manage your website's flawless operation and offer technical assistance.