Dom in šola za sirote vzhodnega Tibeta

05.10.2011 | Ivona Štimac Trontelj

Že vrsto let podpiramo delovanje Šečen dobrodelne šole za sirote na Tibetu. Sedaj smo jim naredili novo spletno stran, ki ponuja številne vsebine ter fotografije šole in otrok. 

Unternehmen Hund

02.08.2011 | Ivona Štimac Trontelj

How to achieve a good search engine ranking?

19.07.2011 | Alenka Bajec Strle

A well designed web age hasn't been enough to provide a high visit rate for your page. Most of the people who discover your web page are directed to it by their favourite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing,...), that's why it's advisable to make sure your web page is designed in a way that cooperates with the search engines.

Adapting to Web site visibility is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO-Search Engine Optimization). The web site can be adapted by various methods, some of them are presented in this article.

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Nasvet tedna

Adding multiple pictures at once

Images can liven up your web page, and with the right picture you can make its content much easier to understand. Often we would like to add a large number of images to our website which can be somewhat time consuming. To this end, GoodFairy offers the following trick:

  1. Click on the stars next to the Gallery position and select option: »Add more files at once«.
  2. A small dropbox appears on the page. Clicking on the »Select files...« button on the dropbox will display the object explorer of our file system. Search for and select the images you'd like to upload.
  3. Select the »Open« button and the selected files will start to upload.
  4. Instead of steps 3. and 4. you can do the following: select the wanted files on your computer using a file explorer. Drag and drop the selection into the dropbox. The items will start to upload automatically.

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